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cravings without gluten is a notebook of my culinary adventures to embark on a second life in a city and new country, and where besides wheat, oats, barley and rye (perhaps of the major components of my previous diet) were replaced by a new set of ingredients that react different, and do not have the same textures and flavors.

At the beginning, surrounded by cravings on the flavors of childhood and of my native land, I started with some experiments in my kitchen. Eventually, reading, trying new ingredients and recipes and mixing of here and there, the end result was improved.

In certain mode, this blog is the result of mix them ingredients that have in perhaps from always: the curiosity, the desire of that them things are each time best (or rather perfect), the trying to look them things from another perspective (of which also was born the hobby by the photography) and course the love by the kitchen and them new flavors.

Today I want to share this journey through memories of tastes food, the children and the new discovered through travel and the experience of living in several countries and meet people from different corners. Recipes that also feed my spirit strictly gluten.

Some recipes are mine, others adapted. Some adaptations of traditional dishes with gluten perhaps do not seem so appealing. But I am proud of all the recipes that I present, because bad reminds me that we must never stop experimenting and learning.

All photos on this blog are mine (taken with more or less success), and are under the CreativeCommons License.

Take a look around these notebooks and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


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